Global health security has taken on new importance in the wake of the COVID crisis. Indeed, the spread of infectious disease has been deadlier than world wars. Yet there are other threats to public health, which are less overt but equally important to consider.

I collaborated with a colleague at the RAND Corporation to review the scope and operation of global health security to the year 2040. The study identified emerging threats and assessed how adequately current visions account for these threats. The study focused on the themes of antimicrobial resistance and mental health.

We propose that a broader definition of global health security should be considered. It should include, but extend well beyond, the threats of pandemics and bioweapons of mass destruction. Global health security also requires greater systematic focus on the complex interlinkages among human physical and mental health, animal health, and the environment.

The review involved literature review, expert interviews and a gaming workshop with policymakers, academics and practitioners, focused on future scenarios.

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